Follow live: Mitchell, Jazz welcome Lakers to the Beehive State

Luke Walton was asked how LeBron James will use the next 5-6 days to progress his rehab with the Lakers are back in Los Angeles and side stepped the question. “He’s getting re-evaluated again, I think, on the 16th,” Walton said before the Lakers’ game against the Jazz on Friday. “So for me, I got a lot of other things that we’re trying to get done between now and then. We got a great medical staff. LeBron, as you know, he takes care of himself when it comes to seeing doctors and taking care of his body. So, as soon as he’s cleared and ready to go then we’ll get him back out there. But until then, we’ll continue to be patient with him.” Does that mean he could be fully cleared on the 16th? “Well, it all depends what that evaluation tells us,” Walton said. “If he’s fully cleared, then yeah, then we try to get him out there on the court and play some basketball. If he’s not ready, then it can’t be the final hurdle. But like I said, we got so much other things we got to take care of that we’ll just wait until the 16th to hear about him.”

Dave McMenamin, ESPN Staff Writer57m ago

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